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Why to work with us?
Continuing our success means building a spectacular team

We set Principles that we want all of our employees to embody. Our principles set us apart from our competition and act as a benchmark for the way we do business. They are:

Own it and get it done

We want our people to take charge of situations personally and drive solutions.

Pull together 

We want all our business functions to work hand-in-hand and support each other.

Make the business stronger 

We want to get better all the time and everyone has a part to play in this These principles are a core part to achieving our goal of meeting the needs and aspirations of our employees We aim to offer our customers products that are brilliantly designed, rigorously tested, and that offer excellent value for money

Paxton jobs home (photos for employees saying that :
I love what the company stands for, and so does my team We proud to work here and everyone shares the same passion

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